Zen The Day

Here's the parable of my life.  "A stressed out executive goes to a Zen Master and says "what can I do to relax?"  The Master replies "Walk for 20 minutes each day."  The executive thinks for a moment and replies "how far will I be in a year?"

The story is not intended to be funny.  Quite the opposite.  I am that executive.   I don't seem to be able to do something unless I view it as a small part of something larger.  I don't workout unless I'm training for a Grand Canyon hike.  I don't study Spanish unless I'm planning to work in Mexico.  

That would be fine except when I don't work out or study, I feel like my future is collapsing.  Conversely, when I eventually realized that I would never be fluent in Japanese, I felt like the five years that I spent studying it was wasted.

The Zen Master parable is meaningful to me because the executive's follow-up question is absurd.  Since the goal is to relax daily, the distance I walk in a year is meaningless.  In fact, it's less than meaningless...it's a distraction.  The annual goal defeats the entire purpose of the exercise.  The unit of time is not a year, it is a day.  The answer is Zen the Day. 

That's not a new thought, but it is a new realization.  This journal will record my effort to put that realization into practice.